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Aerospace currently sees a dynamic development. New companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin or OneWeb are entering the market, bringing new technologies and a breath of fresh air to the industry. Traditional rules and methods are called into question and new ways are shown. While the big rocket developers are known to the general public through the media appearances of their owners Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, there are a number of suppliers who are largely hidden from the public as "hidden champions".


For some years, AT Space has been working with innovative technologies to redesign fuel supplies for ion and plasma engines and to design projects for the large volumes of modern Constellation. 


We are currently developing and building a series production line. Driven by NewSpace we are entering an exciting phase of transferring a new technology into series production.


We deliver satellite components to various systems. Besides the constellations,  innovative CubeSat propulsion systems are based on our products.